Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been planning this feature for about a week. Before I get to it I have a challenge for you.

Go here, click on a random shop name (enter the giveaways while you're there) and try not to find something you just have to have!
Impossible isn't it.

That leads me to this feature.
I randomly clicked on MonarchDancer and found these hats. These would be perfect for a New Zealand Winter. It doesn't get too cold but Wellington tends to get windy. (Hense, the nickname Windy Wellington - but I LOVE Wgtn's wind).

The purple once above is for me. I love that it will cover my ears and has a tie, which should stop the "gust of wind, grab hat/head". I can't wait to get this! And the color is beautiful!
This lovely dusky rose hat was custom made by MonarchDancer for my mom. I had to sleakily ask her if she liked the style of the hat and what colors she wanted.

MonarchDancer is very convo friendly and helpful.

These should arrive by/on Tuesday.
I wish they were here now as it is raining. (But unless I can find a time machine I can't go back a week earlier and order these hats.) Some things you just have to wait for.

My FotoGeeni Offer:
Buy TWO get ONE free
Buy ONE get ONE half price

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